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By YopY on Monday 3 May 2010 21:00 - Comments (8)
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I've long tried to maintain a blog, and even made a dozen or so posts (of varying quality, neutrality and readability) on my existing webpage, Great Justice. However, as you can see, I haven't posted there since forever because, simply said, I can't be arsed.

However, I've long felt that I should be doing something constructive with my time, and I believe that a blog that will get some actual exposure from people that know a thing or two and who can at least pretend they care (either by constructive criticism, attempts at that, or flat-out ridicule - either are fine by me, by the way) will give me the motivation I need.

I've decided to start my new blogging career with finally getting started with developing one of the projects I've long had in the back of my head. The project I've had in mind is, summarized, a social music news website, where the members can select a number of topics, bands, genres or anything they would like the latest news on (you know, like tags). Said news would be semi-automatically gathered from a number of sources, including official band sites, Facebook profiles, Twitter, and in-house editors.

For this blog series, I want to post about the entire development process - from the setup of a development environment (a version control system, issue tracker for my own administration), the writing of a design document (or an attempt at that), to the decision making into a language and, if applicable, a framework, then through aspects of development and, in the long run, the actual release of the application and the website.

The blog posts will usually be in English, however I think that some of the posts will be in Dutch. One of the first next posts I expect to make will be on installing a development environment, and I think that posts like that would be better posted in Dutch because most documentation on such tools already is in English.

I'll try not to be too dry with my posts, however I cannot guarantee I'll be short and concise - I tend to be lengthy in my writings, which can be seen as both positive and negative. If it's too long, please let me know, but I can't promise I'll change.

Finally, no, this blog doesn't have a custom layout yet. I'm nowhere near good at design (although I know my CSS). If anything, I'd put a giant cookie monster in the header. Like this one, only bigger.

I hope that, using this blog, my motivation will keep up and that, at the same time, my own skills in all the areas of software development will improve with the comments I'll most likely get by using Tweakblogs instead of my own domain with a Wordpress installation.


FGJ is an internet-TLA for For Great Justice, the One Reason to Do It All. If you don't get it, you're too young. I can't think of any good names for my project, so I'll just go with that. It's also a neat short address for the blog.

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By Tweakers user !GN!T!ON, Monday 3 May 2010 21:48

Sounds interesting!

I'll certainly be reading!

By l0ss1n, Monday 3 May 2010 22:10

It's a great idea, ive been with such a thing on my mind sometime's. What kind of styles will you adopt?

By Tweakers user terje7601, Monday 3 May 2010 23:42

Very interesting indeed. I 'm already looking forward to your next posts :)

By Tweakers user Afvalzak, Tuesday 4 May 2010 01:19

All Your base are belong to us :)

Sounds good indeed, hopefully this isn't another FP for a blog which isn't that good as promised 8)7

By Tweakers user YopY, Tuesday 4 May 2010 08:56

quote: l0ss1n
What kind of styles will you adopt?
What do you mean exactly? If it's about the styles of music, I don't plan on focussing it on any one particular style. However, the people I've spewed this idea to are greatly into metal, alternative, and indie music, so I guess it's more into that area - i.e. mostly non-mainstream. But I'll let the community decide - it's too early to decide anyways.
quote: trashbag
hopefully this isn't another FP for a blog which isn't that good as promised
I hope so too :+.

By Tweakers user Punkie, Tuesday 4 May 2010 11:17

Does the tweakblogs offer more then a owned wordpress installation?

By l0ss1n, Tuesday 4 May 2010 11:19

Yeah, i ment music styles. In the first beginning it might be better to just focus on 1 or 2 styles, so you can keep an summary of everything thats happening. If those styles run good, you can consider running more styles. It's also a good idea to adopt and integrate multiple social networks like twitter, hyves and facebook to let people share new music.

By Tweakers user Roytoch, Tuesday 4 May 2010 15:49

Punkie wrote on Tuesday 04 May 2010 @ 11:17:
Does the tweakblogs offer more then a owned wordpress installation?
Guaranteed visitors and comments, excellent SEO by Crisp(r) (I think).
Disadvantages: no image upload (unless you have a photo album activated from tweakers, but then again there is no integration) so you'll still have to host images yourselves), no domain name.

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